Reflecting on who God is and His divine acts (Psalm 12) August 23/2017

The Psalmist finds himself reflecting on times of trouble and how God’s help is present.

David finds himself asking for deliverance. he knows his need for it. David doesn’t question whether God would bring deliverance, but when.

David knows God’s words are pure and His faithfulness to His promises is grounded in that. David knew that God’s deliverance establishes His kingdom. Because of that, we can find present comfort for the afflicted heart.

David pleads with the Lord because of the sin in the land, and God wasn’t having any of it. The godly is not the one who does what God requires, but the one who strives to do so with their whole heart. Our thoughts and our words proceed from our heart.

When we find that we come before God having a double heart, doing what God requires, but not sincere in our motives, it is time for repentance and deliverance. We must pray in the face of the scarcity of godly people. We must pray and ask the Lord for deliverance, for divine intervention.


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