God fulfills covenants in order to bless the righteous (Psalm 5) August 16/2017

David knew God’s faithfulness included the fulfilling of the Davidic covenant (God’s covenant with David). David knew that the righteous will be blessed as they continue their trust in God.

David always implored God to listen and to consider his meditation. David understood God! He understood that God does not look on man’s outward appearance, but He looks upon the heart.  David always focused on God’s holiness and His fatherly compassion.

David knew the only reason he could enter the Lord’s house and worship was because of God’s abundant lovingkindness. God does not take pleasure in wickedness, for no evil lives in God! The boastful do not stand before Him, for He hates all sin; He abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man. With this knowledge David continued Psalm 5 with these words,

”But as for me, I will come into Your house in the multitude of Your mercy;

In fear of You I will worship toward Your holy temple.

Lead me, O LORD, in Your righteousness because of my enemies;

Make Your way straight before my face.”

David was confident of the outcome of following the Lord. Those who take refuge in Him will be glad.. sing for joy. The Lord will bless the righteous and surround him with favor.


The challenge of trusting the Lord (Psalms 04) August 15/2017

Psalms 04 is a continuation of chapter 03. As painful as the process was for David, he continued longing for God to come and vindicate him. David repeatedly emphasizes his spiritual dependency on God. David not only trusted in who God is, but also in what He does- David constantly reminds himself of all God had already done for him in the past-.

David’s confidence that God alone could fully provide all that was necessary enabled him to rest. David knew God could sovereignly meet his needs. David trusted God to respond how and when He deemed best. David knew God alone is the source of all good.

“Let our hope rest in You, cause us to seek things from Above;

We’re dependent on Your grace, by it we shall see Your face,

By it we shall see Your face”. Isaac Watts

Pray to God today, that He will help you to remember to take all of your difficulties to Him. Then, go to sleep in peace, because they are now in the hands of God. This is the God we serve!

Declare your confidence in the Lord (Psalms 03) August 14/2017

Like the Psalmist, it is easy to loose heart as a Christian, especially when we look at our culture today. We seem to be overcome by the ungodly way of life that is so predominant all around us.

David found himself in one of the most difficult situations one can experience in life. His own son had marched into Jerusalem claiming the kingship for himself. Helpless to defend the city, David was forced to flee with his own faithful army.

David affirmed, nonetheless that God is his shield, the one who will protect him, and the One who lifts his head- that is, the one who will give him victory. By affirming that it was the Lord who sustains him, his mind was set at ease and he was able to sleep soundly.

David had many rich years of living with the Lord. He had been sought on all sides, and yet never had God failed him. Even now, David’s hope did not rest upon himself, or even the strength of his own army. His hope rested upon God, alone.

In spite of Absalom’s rebellion, David continued to hold on to God’s faithfulness and His promises  to provide salvation and deliver His people.

The excellent wife (Proverbs 31.10-31) August 11/2017

This famous poem is an acrostic in Hebrew. Each verse begins with a consecutive letter of the Hebrew alphabet, giving the reader the impression of a complete picture of this godly woman. She is no less valiant, being a reflection of Lady Wisdom herself.

The excellent wife is literally called a “woman of strength or valor” She is strong in competence and character. She is rare and precious, even far beyond jewels.

I sum, the excellent wife fears and trusts the Lord. More specifically, she is trustworthy, industrious, resourceful, enterprising, sound in judgement, successful, responsible, generous, dignified, strong, kind, and supportive to her husband and family. A wise son would be wise to pursue such a wife. For in doing so, he embraces wisdom.

Admonitions to a King (Proverbs 31.1-9) August 10/2017

The book of Proverbs offers us many great lessons that can be applied to our everyday lives. We learn practical ways to gain godly wisdom, make good decisions, and live righteously.

The first nine verses in this chapter are lessons from a mother to a son on how a king should act. His mother warns him to not waste his strength on women that will ruin him. She urges him not to drink too much, and to speak up for the poor and helpless.

There are three lessons here that we can all apply to our lives:

1) Be careful not to partner with those that will lead us down a path of ruin.

2) Be careful not to crave alcohol, that it will cloud our judgment.

3) Speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves.

The opening exclamations display all the passion that only a mother could have for her son. She gets his attention. Her description of him reflects their closeness and her right to address him forthrightly. She was the one who bore him. Moreover, she presumably vowed repeatedly to dedicate him to God. The name Lemuel means “belonging to God”.

God’s wisdom is sometimes difficult to understand (Proverbs 30) August 09/2017

These verses are described as the “sayings of Agur,” a person unknown to us from Scripture. Scholars have debated and disagreed on the possible identity of this wisdom writer. Is it Solomon using another name as he shifts to another style of writing? Is the entirety of Verse One, which contains a Hebrew palindrome, a word which is the same written backward as forward, with riddle-like qualities, meant to express that God’s wisdom is sometimes difficult to understand? Agur’s four questions clearly convey the truth that none of us can fully attain to God’s wisdom. Yet, even while raising questions, the writer gives us practical wisdom which we can apply immediately.

Agur’s four questions call for the answer: NO ONE BUT GOD. No one but God can bring divine knowledge and wisdom down to man from heaven. No one but God controls the wind and the rain. No one but God has established the ends of the earth.

Agur challenges the reader to name this one who reveals knowledge and controls the cosmos. This is a reminder of God’s covenant name- Yahweh- and the relationship that entails with His people. Only in relationship with Him can wisdom be found.

To know the name, especially the covenant name “Yahweh” is to know the person of God as Creator and Redeemer and Revealer of wisdom.

Don’t miss your opportunity for change (Proverbs 29) August 08/2017

The book of Proverbs repeatedly teaches that the wise listens to rebuke while fool don’t. This chapter is no different. It actually describes a stubborn fool who, though reproved, refuses to listen.

A man who loves wisdom will certainly not love sin. A man who entertains sin wastes his wealth, thereby displaying a foolishness that grieves his family. A man who cherishes wisdom makes his father glad.

The fool lacks self-control, so he always loses his temper. He differs dramatically from the wise man who holds it back. The wise man is able to quiet the turmoil generated by fools.

The wise should trust God and not fear man. To fear man is to be anxious about what other people think and what they can do. The fool lives in fear and at some point, suddenly his opportunity for change ends and he reaps catastrophic results.

There are only two paths, and they are radically different. The wise will choose the path of righteousness and expect opposition from the wicked.