The deficiency of not believing God (Psalms 14)

”The fool said in his heart-There is no God-” The word fool refers to one who is morally deficient. He lives his life believing that there is no God, in other word he lives in denial. We would think that only refers to people who don’t really think there is a God, and that’s true, but it also refers to those who reject God’s sovereignty. We may believe God, we may serve God, but if we actually think God doesn’t know what we are doing or that He is not that close, if we actually refuse to see His sovereignty, we become corrupt.

If we don’t recognize God’s sovereignty, we end up living in a different world, with different values- We actually end up thinking we need to take matters into our own hands, life becomes bound by the decisions we make and the circumstances we face.

God looks down from heaven to see meaning His ongoing assessment of the human heart. The reality of the human heart is that we all turn away aside and become corrupt. The problem with not recognizing the sovereignty of God is not calling upon the Lord.

Let us remember that God knows all, sees all and He cares! He is the one in control, despite our fears and circumstances. He cares!


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