Fully Admitting my spiritual depravity in order to find the mercy of God (Psalms 6) August 17/2017

Psalm 6 gives us one of those rare opportunities to steal away into the private life of David. We catch a glimpse of his manner of dealing with life when everything seems to fall apart at once.

David sincerely admitted his guilt before the Lord. He asked the Lord to be merciful and not deal with him in anger. David knew God looked at him as a father looks to a son. He does not make excuses for himself or even entertain thoughts of his own innocence. Rather, he humbly falls before God and says, Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak. His relationship with the Lord is such that he is sensitive to God’s working in his life.

David pleads for mercy in life, for there is no opportunity to mention the Lord in death. David’s spiritual depravity had physical consequences so that he felt it in his bones.

David separated himself from iniquity and was confident that God had heard his weeping and received his prayer.


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