The challenge of trusting the Lord (Psalms 04) August 15/2017

Psalms 04 is a continuation of chapter 03. As painful as the process was for David, he continued longing for God to come and vindicate him. David repeatedly emphasizes his spiritual dependency on God. David not only trusted in who God is, but also in what He does- David constantly reminds himself of all God had already done for him in the past-.

David’s confidence that God alone could fully provide all that was necessary enabled him to rest. David knew God could sovereignly meet his needs. David trusted God to respond how and when He deemed best. David knew God alone is the source of all good.

“Let our hope rest in You, cause us to seek things from Above;

We’re dependent on Your grace, by it we shall see Your face,

By it we shall see Your face”. Isaac Watts

Pray to God today, that He will help you to remember to take all of your difficulties to Him. Then, go to sleep in peace, because they are now in the hands of God. This is the God we serve!


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