Declare your confidence in the Lord (Psalms 03) August 14/2017

Like the Psalmist, it is easy to loose heart as a Christian, especially when we look at our culture today. We seem to be overcome by the ungodly way of life that is so predominant all around us.

David found himself in one of the most difficult situations one can experience in life. His own son had marched into Jerusalem claiming the kingship for himself. Helpless to defend the city, David was forced to flee with his own faithful army.

David affirmed, nonetheless that God is his shield, the one who will protect him, and the One who lifts his head- that is, the one who will give him victory. By affirming that it was the Lord who sustains him, his mind was set at ease and he was able to sleep soundly.

David had many rich years of living with the Lord. He had been sought on all sides, and yet never had God failed him. Even now, David’s hope did not rest upon himself, or even the strength of his own army. His hope rested upon God, alone.

In spite of Absalom’s rebellion, David continued to hold on to God’s faithfulness and His promises  to provide salvation and deliver His people.


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