God’s wisdom is sometimes difficult to understand (Proverbs 30) August 09/2017

These verses are described as the “sayings of Agur,” a person unknown to us from Scripture. Scholars have debated and disagreed on the possible identity of this wisdom writer. Is it Solomon using another name as he shifts to another style of writing? Is the entirety of Verse One, which contains a Hebrew palindrome, a word which is the same written backward as forward, with riddle-like qualities, meant to express that God’s wisdom is sometimes difficult to understand? Agur’s four questions clearly convey the truth that none of us can fully attain to God’s wisdom. Yet, even while raising questions, the writer gives us practical wisdom which we can apply immediately.

Agur’s four questions call for the answer: NO ONE BUT GOD. No one but God can bring divine knowledge and wisdom down to man from heaven. No one but God controls the wind and the rain. No one but God has established the ends of the earth.

Agur challenges the reader to name this one who reveals knowledge and controls the cosmos. This is a reminder of God’s covenant name- Yahweh- and the relationship that entails with His people. Only in relationship with Him can wisdom be found.

To know the name, especially the covenant name “Yahweh” is to know the person of God as Creator and Redeemer and Revealer of wisdom.

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