Don’t miss your opportunity for change (Proverbs 29) August 08/2017

The book of Proverbs repeatedly teaches that the wise listens to rebuke while fool don’t. This chapter is no different. It actually describes a stubborn fool who, though reproved, refuses to listen.

A man who loves wisdom will certainly not love sin. A man who entertains sin wastes his wealth, thereby displaying a foolishness that grieves his family. A man who cherishes wisdom makes his father glad.

The fool lacks self-control, so he always loses his temper. He differs dramatically from the wise man who holds it back. The wise man is able to quiet the turmoil generated by fools.

The wise should trust God and not fear man. To fear man is to be anxious about what other people think and what they can do. The fool lives in fear and at some point, suddenly his opportunity for change ends and he reaps catastrophic results.

There are only two paths, and they are radically different. The wise will choose the path of righteousness and expect opposition from the wicked.

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