God’s glory and the king’s strength (Proverbs 25) August 4/2017

Is it true that God and the king have glory? When it comes to power and wisdom, there is a hierarchy from God to king to human subjects. God’s glory is displayed in the mysteries of His creation, which stress His transcendence and bring all human beings to an appropriate humility before Him.

The king’s glory is seen in his capacity to use God-given wisdom to understand some of the mysterious matters of God’s creation. The heart of the king is as enigmatic to their subjects as the mysteries of the heights of the heavens and the depths of the earth.

Though we are encouraged to search out a matter, to find God’s glory- No one can find it, unless God Himself reveals it to us. His ways are unfathomable and it takes the humility of a king to appreciate the magnitude of God and be okay with His inscrutability.

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