Right thinking leads to right living (Proverbs 23) August 1/2017

This chapter really is about the heart. The heart is connected to the mind; therefore, I need to have the right thinking in order to live right.

The wise will always consider carefully what or who is before him. That is, he will pay cautious attention to the context he is in, and act accordingly.

The writer of Proverbs refers to “food” pointing to the character of the host, who is testing the character of the guest. Demonstrating a lack of self-control, the guest will make a poor impression on the host and undermine his hopes. The wise on the other hand, make good impressions at opportune times.

Wise words are wasted on a fool. Good intentions notwithstanding, the fool always has contempt for wisdom. This is an exhortation to us all. We must receive discipline and knowledge. We must bring the wisdom we receive through our ears to bear on our hearts, rather than listen and forget.

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