You are the temple of the Living God (Proverbs 20) July 28/2017

The Bible does not condemn all uses of alcohol. However, drunkenness is always condemned. The mischief of drunkenness: Wine is a mocker; strong drink is raging. It is so to the sinner himself; it mocks him, makes a fool of him, promises him that satisfaction which it can never give him.

The folly of drunkards is easily inferred. He that is deceived, that suffers himself to be drawn into this sin when he is so plainly warned of the consequences of it, is not wise; he shows that he has no right sense or consideration of things; and not only so, but he renders himself incapable of getting wisdom; for it is a sin that infatuates men, and takes away their heart. A drunkard is a fool, and a fool he is likely to be.

This chapter not only deals with drunkenness, it also deals with strife. Men think it is their wisdom to engage in quarrels; when in really, it is the greatest folly that can be. He thinks himself a wise man that is quick in resenting others, but the one that resents is a fool, and creates a great deal of needless vexation to himself.

In our journey of faith, it should be an honor for men to cease strife, to forgive and be friends with those who have hurt them. A wise man, a man of spirit, must show the command he has of himself by ceasing from strife, yielding, and stooping, and receding from his just demands, for peace-sake and for the glory of God.

A wise man, gains honor from being a peacemaker. The fool on the other hand, is quick to defend his honor and loses it. A man’s wisdom is of use to him for the pumping of other people, to get the knowledge of them. Those therefore who would keep counsel must not only put on resolution, but stand upon their guard.

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