“This is better than that!” (Proverbs 19) July 27/2017

This chapter is full of comparisons. It asserts that “ethical qualities are more important than material possessions”. Though poverty is not great, the poor person- if honest-, is better off than the lying person whose words distort truth- even if the liar is wealthy. In light of eternity, honesty is our best option.

Proverbs indicates that liars are fools. why? Liars particularly will not escape judgement. Even if they get away in this world, they will not go unpunished before God.

It is in our best interest to acquire wisdom by heeding understanding. When we do so, the blessings that come from the Lord are full of wisdom.

Obedience to the word of God is life giving. The one who keeps God’s commandments keeps his life. The only to preserve our lives is through the Word of God. Becoming wise does not happen instantly. It requires the humble, ongoing commitment to listen to counsel and accept discipline from the wise.

The wise always make their plans in submission to the will of God.  The future days of the wise are secured as they continue to hear wisdom and grow wiser still.

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