No one is meant to do life alone (proverbs 18) July 26/2017

As we learned in our last chapter, a person needs others to be wise. Doing your own thing is foolish. When people separate themselves from others to pursue their own agenda, they defy all sound judgement.

This is a warning to the wise “against headstrong, self-centered decisions”. The fool has a “closed mind, open mouth”. he has no taste for learning understanding from the wise. He is far more interested in spouting his own opinions than learning from others.

The wise trust in the Lord, and for good reason. he is a strong tower who keeps His people safe. God’s name reveals who He is. The righteous wisely run to Him in difficult times for protection.

We are also reminded that the wise are slow to speak, unlike the fool. The wise listens to counsel. The fool is so interested in his own views, and so uninterested in listening to others, that he speaks prematurely and proves himself to be a fool.

The wise are ever eager to learn of the Lord. They make it a priority to acquire knowledge and seek to apply it.

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