God’s ways can transcend natural boundaries and expectations (Proverbs 17) July 25/2017

The Lord tests human hearts. Workers in precious metals heat silver or gold to purify them or to demonstrate their purity. Similarly, the Lord uses trials of life to the same ends. Since He already knows the human heart, the Lord uses those trials “not for finding a person out, but for sorting them out”. We all need God’s refining work on our own deceptive heart in order to reveal the sin that needs to be addressed.

A wise man gets it, but the fools don’t. A person with understanding allows a wise rebuke to penetrate deep into his soul and effect change. A fool is so dense that even a hundred blows are not enough to get through to him and effect change.

At heart, an evil man is a rebel against God. As such, he can expect that a cruel messenger will be sent against him, whether angelic or human. Rebels don’t go unpunished.

We cannot buy wisdom with money. It is a mistaken notion too often repeated in the modern education. A person needs others to be wise. Radical individuality is foolish.

People may search the world for wisdom, but they will not find it, because they don’t realize its proximity, nor are they prepared to receive it even if they did.

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