God is a sovereign God (Proverbs 16) July 24/2017

This chapter addresses the sovereignty of God over human affairs. Nothing that a person plans to do can come to pass apart from God’s sovereign will.

Human beings have an almost unlimited capacity to justify and rationalize anything they do, but such evaluations are superficial. Deeper within lies the spirit and the heart, and God sees into them. So, the Lord weighs people’s motives- a person’s heart is weighed against truth.

Because God is sovereign, the wise entrust all that they do to the Lord. Such trust includes submitting one’s plans to the Lord. When those plans accord with His will, they will be realized.

In God’s sovereign plan, everything has its own purpose.  A right relationship with God has profound significance. It addresses the sin problem, love and faithfulness. The believer’s ongoing fear of the Lord will help to keep him away from evil in the future.

What is true of a man’s answers is true of his actions as well. The Lord sovereignly directs  a man’s steps.  The wise man knows that life is under the rule of a king.


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