Life on Purpose (Proverbs 12) July 19/2017

This chapter assumes we all make mistakes; the only question is what we do with them. Those who are humble enough to eagerly receive discipline and correction demonstrate their wisdom. Those who in pride hate such reproof are stupid.

Wisdom has a moral dimension and so the wise know to choose what is right. They know that the Lord as judge will favor the good man and condemn the evil person.

The righteous have just intentions. The selfish intentions of the wicked lie hidden in their deceitful advice.

Solomon compares the instability of the wicked with the stability of the righteous. The wicked is destroyed, but the stability of the righteous extends even to their house.

We are really as we are with God. Those are happy, truly happy, for ever happy, that obtain favor of the Lord, though the world frown upon them, and they find little favor with men; for in God’s favor is life, and that is the fountain of all good. On the other hand those are miserable whom he condemns, however men may applaud them, and cry them up; whom he condemns he condemns to the second death.

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