Warnings against the adulteress (Proverbs 7.1-27) July 14/2017

This is the final lesson from the father to the son and it comes in the form of a story. The goal is to warn the son against adultery.

Once again, the father exhorts the son to keep his commandments and treasure them. He is to guard them with the greatest of care, as he would protect his own eye, since his life is at stake.

The son needs to pay diligent attention to the father’s teachings. He should allow them to transform his external actions and internal character.

The son is also encouraged to treat wisdom as an intimate companion. Why? because wisdom can keep the son from adultery and its traps.

The heart of the father in teaching the son is to keep the son on the right path. therefore the father exhorts the son to remain there.

The father closes his lesson with an admonition to his son- not to follow the path of the world. The son must guard his heart lest he turn aside and stray into wrong paths.- “You are in danger as soon as your thoughts wander in this fatal direction”. (Kidner, Proverbs 76)

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