Christianity and laziness are polar opposites (Proverbs 6.20-35) July 13/207

This is the first time the writer of Proverbs addresses laziness- which is another kind of behavior that’s self-destructive-.


We (sluggard) are actually encouraged to observe the ant to learn wisdom from it. Even though the ant has no overseer who continually drives it in its labors, it nevertheless diligently stores up food in the summer harvest in order to prepare for the winter.

A lazy person only deceives himself. Such a person is only setting himself up for disaster.

The Lord created us for work. We are meant to produce and bear much fruit that the father will be glorified.

Again, we must observe and not forsake what the father is teaching us. We are to carry His teachings along with us continually. His teachings should become a part of who we are.

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