The dangers of rejecting wisdom and embracing worldly passion (Proverbs 5.1-6.19) July 12/2017

In this chapter, the writer compares wisdom to a chaste wife and worldly passions to a crude seductress.


The father once again begins with a typical exhortation that we would pay attention to the wisdom the father seeks to impart to us. Though this wisdom belongs to the father, the result of heeding it will lead to the son’s internalizing that wisdom in what he does and says, giving him resources for dealing with worldly passions.


This chapter is full of warnings against promiscuity. Appearances can be deceiving, and the father reminds us consistently that nothing can be judged by its first stages.


Without Christ, the promises of the world lead to a bitter aftertaste. The pursue worldly passions only lead to death, after all the world has turned away from the path of life.


If you find yourself wandering aimlessly in your sin towards devastation,  it’s time you run home. Don’t be a self-destructive fool without even realizing it.

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