We are called to value wisdom (Proverbs 4.1-27) July 11/2017

Like the previous chapters, we are exhorted to pursue wisdom. But unlike the other lessons this one spans three generations: the father speaks to the son of what his grandfather had taught, thus presenting a heritage of wisdom. The father encourages the son to listen.


The grandfather introduces his exhortation in a similar fashion. he encourages his son to keep and hold fast his life-giving words of wisdom. There’s a command to acquire wisdom.


The admonition to acquire wisdom is repeated, emphasizing the foundational importance of gaining wisdom and understanding.


The first step in seeking wisdom is to understand its great value.


Clearly the pursuit of the Lord and the pursuit of wisdom are closely interwined, in no small measure, because only the Lord can grant wisdom.


“One must seek wisdom, but when one finds it, one realizes that it was not because of the effort, but because it was a gift of God” (Longman, Proverbs, 150)

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