Wisdom As Worship (Proverbs 3.1-35) July 10/2017

Have you ever thought of wisdom as worship? Proverbs 3 is about exhortations followed by the results of heeding them. At their heart, these exhortations encourage us to be wise by worshipping the Lord.


Wisdom as worship leads to a full, rich life associated with the blessings of God, in contrast to the way of death associated with folly.


In order for wisdom to be worship, we must do as the son in this chapter is encouraged- we must heed the Father’s teaching, we must obey (keep) His commands with all our hearts and we must never let kindness and truth leave us-


Why are these lessons so important? Because by doing them, we are actually making these virtues a permanent part of our inward character.  The result is length of life through the increase of peace.


You see, kindness refers to loyalty and covenant of love, and truth involves faithfulness. Together they speak of loving faithfulness.


Wisdom becomes worship when we become lovingly faithful in our relationships with each other and most fundamentally with God. By living a life characterized by wisdom- loving faithfulness- we keep ourselves close to God.

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