Praise the Lord in the sanctuary/ Be God’s sanctuary (Psalm 150)

What a magnificent charge for all of us! The Psalmist actually concludes the book of Psalms with the great hallelujah, a majestic song of praise.


Here he gives us an emphatic exhortation to offer praise to God in the sanctuary. He actually alludes to the span of praise offered to God throughout the Old Testament. The praise is to be carried out in rejoicing in the Messiah.


The Psalmist calls for the godly ones to Praise the Lord and understand the ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”. Together we will all one day lift up our voices in unison before the throne of God and cry out Praise the Lord!


Although this is an Old Testament text, it is new covenant in reality. It is true, we are called to praise the Lord in the sanctuary (God’s dwelling both on earth and in the Heavens). We are God’s dwelling place, His sanctuary.


Pray that as you worship, you become His dwelling place.

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