June 14 2017 – Where fearing God gets us.

The opening verse of Psalm 128 says:

Blessed is every one who fears the Lord,
Who walks in His ways.

We all want to be blessed, we want to prosper, be happy, favoured, fortunate and privileged.

God says fearing Him will get us there.

Some fear the idea of fearing God, seeing it as putting us in a cowering, terrified position, controlled and restricted, kept from freedom and happiness rather than led to it. That is a very distorted view of fearing God, better described as a cowering fear, being terrified.

The fear God invites us to, is the fear a child should have of its parents instructions when its parent direct it away from the danger of a busy road, towards the safety and pleasure of safe play ground.

It means to hold what God tells us and instructs us in highest regard, to make it priority, to be completely committed to following it because we know He is good, caring and knows best.

Fearing God is a wonderful protection not an intimidating threat and it gets us to a place where we are blessed, happy and prosper.

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