May 22 2017 – The double blessing of God’s word.

Psalm 105 verse 19, speaking of Joseph and God’s word to Him, says this:

19 Until the time that his word came to pass,
The word of the Lord tested him.

God’s word had come to Joseph through two dreams, that he would one day rule over his brothers and father and mother, and they would bow down to him.

God’s word gave him both hope for the future while he went through difficult times, slavery, false accusation and imprisonment and it also tested him, tried his faith, whether he’d still believe that what had God said would happen, even while circumstantially things went from bad to worse.

What God’s word did for Joseph it does for us. His general and specific promises and assurances both give us hope and test us.

As long as God’s word to us about something has not been fulfilled, like Joseph it tests, refines and purifies our faith.

So when God gives us a promise, a word, it gives us hope until it is fulfilled and tests and refines our faith as we wait for it to be fulfilled.

That’s the double blessing of God’s word.

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