May 12 2017 -God destroys us and in that He helps us.

In Hosea 13 verses 9 & 10 God says to Israel:

“O Israel, you are destroyed,
But your help is from Me.
10 I will be your King;
Where is any other,
That he may save you in all your cities?”

In verse 10 God questions Israel asking her, where is any other king than God to save her? God’s heart is to save us. To save us from everything and anything that harms and hurts us. In doing that He must sometimes save us from ourselves.

God had to deal in a similar way with Israel, evident from the statement in verse 9 about Israel being destroyed (verse 7 & 8 make it evident that that destruction was God’s doing) and yet Israel’s help being from God. In that destruction God was seeking to save Israel from herself and thus help her.

On occasions we are destroyed with a destruction God allows, yet in that God is seeking to save us from ourselves and help us. He seeks to destroy things in our life that will harm and hurt us, such as pride and anyway it expresses itself.

As James 4 verse 6 says, “God resists the proud”. Pride will always hurt us, so God in His goodness moves against us when we are proud in an effort to save us from ourselves and help us, to bring our attention to our pride and however it is expressing itself, so we give it to Him to be destroyed.

So like Israel at times……God destroys us and in that He helps us.


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