May 3 2017 – Lifting up our soul first to God.

David says in Psalm 86 verse 4:

Rejoice the soul of Your servant,
For to You, O Lord, I lift up my soul.

The lifting up of one’s soul speaks to me of a combination of raw honesty, candidness, realism, and intimacy with petition and request.

Where do we go when our soul is heavy with some care. With whom are we open, honest and most vulnerable ? To whom do we pour out what is really going on within us. Psalm 62 verse 8 says speaking of God ” Pour out your heart before Him…”. Those words for me, catch some of the same sentiment as lifting up one’s soul.

To fully benefit from our relationship with God I believe that He should be the first person we lift up our soul to, go to first when we have a care or concern, being the most real, open and honest with Him about what is going on within us. Having poured out our soul to Him, we should then ask for His help, His help to handle the emotions we’re wrestling with, His help so that they don’t overwhelm us and His help with whatever it is that’s causing them.

In practice we often “lift up our soul” to another human being, before we lift it up to God. I think we suffer for it, sell ourselves short when we do that. No one can attend to our soul and its needs like God can.

Lets develop the habit of……lifting up our soul first to God.

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