April 26 2017 – The God who ” knows what is in the darkness”.

Daniel says in Daniel chapter 2 verses 22 & 28 speaking of God:

22 ” He reveals deep and secret things;
He knows what is in the darkness,
And light dwells with Him.”

28” But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets..”

God is a God who reveals secrets and I think at times one of the hardest secrets to understand in life, is our own selves, our own hearts, where things come from within us.

Is something, a thought, feeling, action coming from a healthy or unhealthy source ? It’s important to understand and know ourselves in that sense, so we know what to feed and what not to feed.

God offers Himself to us as the one who will reveal “deep and secret things” to us about ourselves. He knows what is in our “darkness”. He will shed “light” on those places. He reveals to us the secrets of our own heart, unknown even to us.

As we seek to be all we can be in life, we must look to God, to help us in directing and managing ourselves, the God who “knows what is in  the darkness” .


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