March 27 2017 -Don’t turn the beauty of His ornaments into our detestable things.

In Ezekiel 7:20 God levels this complaint against Israel:

20 ‘As for the beauty of his ornaments,
He set it in majesty;
But they made from it
The images of their abominations—
Their detestable things;

The first part of this verse refers to the beauty of the temple and it furnishings and the instructions God gave concerning those things and the majestic way in which they were to be set up. Then it speaks of the idols the Jews set up in God’s temple, rather than using it the way He had instructed.

We are God’s temple (1 Corinthians 6:19) and all that God wants carried out in our temple is to be done according to His instructions. It is to be initiated by His Spirit and carried out in His strength. As soon as we do things that originate with us and are done in our strength and wisdom, like the Jews we set up idols in God’s temple and we grieve Him.

The things we do may seem and look very spiritual, but if they are not God’s idea and done in His strength, they are still our idols, grieve God and we are spiritually weakened by them.

Don’t lets turn the beauty of His ornaments into our detestable things.

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