March 20 2017 – Don’t let your gold grow dim or the stones of your sanctuary be scattered in the streets.

Lamentations 4 verse 1 says:

How the gold has become dim!
How changed the fine gold!
The stones of the sanctuary are scattered
At the head of every street.

The verse talks of gold that had become dim and tarnished and the stones of the sanctuary (or the hallowed stones, literally stones of holiness) being scattered in the street.

This happened as a result of the destruction of Jerusalem by its enemy the Babylonians, a judgement brought on Jerusalem because of its sin.

What happened to Jerusalem is a picture of what will happen to us if we are not spiritually vigilant and awake. If we give way to fear and unbelief our gold, our faith will become dim and tarnished. Our faith will weaken and become impotent.

The stones of our sanctuary will be scattered in the street. Areas of our life that should be holy and set apart will be “scattered in the street”, tainted and polluted with the rubbish and dirt found in public streets. Our life will no longer be “set apart”, holy, distinct from the lives of those around us who don’t serve God.

Sin will tarnish and pollute us as it did Jerusalem, because sin gives access to the enemy, just as it gave the Babylonians ( Jerusalem’s enemy) access to Jerusalem.

Guard your heart……so you don’t let…….your gold grow dim or the stones of your sanctuary be scattered in the streets.

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