March 17 2017 – The enemy spreads his hand over all our pleasant things.

Lamentations 1 verse 10 speaking of Israel’s experience at the hands of her enemy says this:

10 The adversary has spread his hand
Over all her pleasant things;
For she has seen the nations enter her sanctuary,
Those whom You commanded
Not to enter Your assembly.

Just as the adversary of Israel spread his hand, effected, touched all her pleasant things, so the enemy in our lives disfigures and mars everything. When we sin we sometimes make the mistake of thinking we can contain, compartmentalise sin so that it only effects part of our life, but the enemy and sin don’t work like that.

Satan is not satisfied with just one room of the house, he wants the whole house. He isn’t satisfied with robbing us of just a few of the pleasant things in our life, that are attributable to God, he wants to touch and rob us of them all.

Don’t give the enemy an inch, he will always take a mile….he’ll spread his destructive hand over all our pleasant things.

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