March 15 2017 – Fretting only ever leads to harm.

We would do well to take David’s advice in today’s Psalm literally, to not fret it only causes harm (verse 8).

I think we sometimes feel justified in our fretting and worrying because what we fret and worry about is such an important issue that somehow that truth trumps what David tells us and so we make an exception to the rule, feeling we are justified in fretting in this or that particular situation or over this or that particular matter.

But David could not have said it more plainly and simply than he did:

8  Do not fret—it only causes harm.

He does not speak of any caveats or exceptions to the rule. Whatever the matter is, fretting will always and only ever lead to harm, a faulty, unhealthy, damaging perspective and position.

God wants us to trust Him for everything, absolutely everything…..because as He warns us……fretting only ever leads to harm.

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