March 2 2017 – Hide and feed on God’s Word in the storm.

In Jeremiah 32, at a time when things could not have been much worse for Jeremiah thanks to the fact the king of Babylon’s army was besieging Jerusalem, and he was in prison because the king of Judah didn’t like what he prophesied (verses 2-5), Jeremiah bought a field (verse 9). He was told to put the deeds of the field in an earthen vessel to preserve them, symbolising that property was to be possessed again in Judah, that good would come to the land (verses 14 & 15). Jeremiah bought the field and got the deeds as a result of responding to God’s word (verses 6-9).

Picturing those deeds that Jeremiah had as a result of God’s word,  hidden in that earthen vessel in difficult times, speaks to me of how in the storms of life we must hide, protect and keep God’s Word in our heart. At such times it is a source of life to us in the present and hope for the future.

Hide and feed on God’s Word in the storm.

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