February 28 – Shift from unanswered questions to undeniable facts.

In Psalm 22 David gives us a good model for times in our lives when we don’t understand what’s going on, when we have more questions than answers and life is a mystery.

Verses 1 & 2 depict the “mystified” state. They pose unanswered questions and are full of raw honesty.

Yet while David in the first two verses expressed negative reality and things about God he did not understand, he chose in verses 3-5 to focus on things about God he did understand. He moved from his unanswered questions to undeniable truths about God’s goodness and holiness that reminded him that however he felt and however puzzling life was, God is good and perfect in His ways and dealings with us.

When life is hard and mystifies us, we do well to follow David’s example and shift our focus from unanswered questions to undeniable facts.

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