February 27 2017 – Replacing yokes of wood with yokes of iron.

In Jeremiah 28 Hananiah prophesied falsely that king Nebuchadnezzar’s power over the captive exiled Jews would be broken and they would return to Israel (verses 2-4). To symbolize this breaking of power Hananiah broke the wooden yoke that was on Jeremiah’s neck (verse 10) which symbolised God’s word that the Jews were to serve Nebuchadnezzar and would be under his yoke (ch 27 verses 2 & 12-15).

God responded to Hananiah’s false prophecy by saying that Hananiah had broken the yokes of wood but replaced them with yokes of iron (Ch 28 verse 13). In other words God was saying that because of Hananiah’s false words, him influencing the people to rebel against what God had said should happen and believe a lie (chapter 28 verses 15-16), things would get worse not better.

What Hananiah did and its outcome is a reminder to that whenever we or society go against God’s word and chose a false sense of security and optimism, contrary to what God has said, things get worse.

We replace yokes of wood with yokes of iron.

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