February 24 2017 – A God near at hand and afar off.

Jeremiah 23 verse 23 says:

23 “Am I a God near at hand,” says the Lord,
“And not a God afar off?

In the context this is written God is saying that nothing is hidden from Him. He sees all and knows all that is done. Nothing goes unnoticed or unknown to Him.

The verse struck me in a slightly different way. Sometimes God feels close, in that sense He is “near at hand”. Near at hand to our senses. At other times He feels “afar off”, far away, far away to our natural senses.

We should remember He is a God “near at hand” and “afar off”.Whether He feels close to us or far away, He is the unchanging God in both circumstances. He is the God who loves us, and knows exactly what’s going on in our lives and is at work in our lives, whatever we feel. He is the God who in fact we are assured is near to us, if our heart is to be near to Him ( James 4:8), whatever we feel.

Ultimately our feelings are not a reliable gauge of God’s nearness to us. His Word  and what it says are the bottom line.

God is a God…..“near at hand” and “afar off”.


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