February 16 2017 – God our Portion.

Speaking of God, Jeremiah 10 verse 16 says:

16 The Portion of Jacob is not like them…

What is a portion, in this sense ?

A portion is a person’s lot in life, what is coming to them, what has been set apart for them. It’s what they were meant to have.

It suggests a fundamental fit between the recipient and his or her portion, just as water is the portion of someone who is thirsty and food the portion of one who is hungry. A portion meets a need and was made to fit that need. It is something we were made to live with.

God is our portion, our lot in life.He is what is coming to us, has been set apart for us. He is What, Who we are all meant to have.

Us and God are a fundamental fit. He meets our deepest needs. We were made to live with Him.

God is our Portion.

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