February 1 2017 – Live life from God’s territory not our own.

In Isaiah 56 verse 11, the prophet said of the leaders of the land:

11 ….They all look to their own way,
Every one for his own gain,
From his own territory.

The leaders ” looked to their own way”, in other words were self directed rather than directed by God. The verse goes on, they looked to their own way, everyone “for his own gain”, in other words they were self serving. And everyone was said to have done this ” from his own territory”. That speaks to me of living life from their own perspective, their own narrow, stunted human perspective as oppose to God’s.

These are three mistakes we want to avoid.

We want to be directed by God not our selves. We want to serve God and others not ourselves.

And we want to live life from God’s territory, not our own. From His high ground, His elevated, magnanimous, lofty perspective that sees things and people from a generous, gracious, embracing point of view, not from our narrow, sectarian, partisan, judgmental point of view.

Lets live life from God’s territory not our own.

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