January 31 2017 – Poison that tastes good but erodes deeply.

Proverbs 26:22 says:

22 The words of a talebearer are like tasty trifles,
And they go down into the inmost body.

Talebearers are those who gossip.

This proverb tells us something about gossip.

First it is attractive. It tastes like tasty trifles. There is a part of us that enjoys, relishes hearing the misfortunes, vices or flaws of others, because it makes us feel better. So gossip has a glossy front to it, an attractive wrapping, a dangerous hook.

The part of us that enjoys, relishes that sort of diet is the very worst part of us. It lies deep within us, rising from the darkest, most degenerate, depraved part of our soul.

Gossip the proverb says, goes down into our inmost body. So the second thing we learn about gossip is that it effects us deeply. It penetrates deep into our soul, to this dark, depraved part of us and feeds and nurtures it. It perpetuates the very worst in us.

Beware of gossip. It’s a poison that tastes good, but erodes deeply.

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