January 30 2017 – Going to the silversmith for jewelry.

Proverbs 25 verse 4 says:

Take away the dross from silver,
And it will go to the silversmith for jewelry. 

The picture is of silver that is purified and as a result is used for higher, more honourable purposes such as making jewelry, something beautiful, dignified, noble, regal.

The same goes for our lives. The more we are purified the greater our usefulness to God for higher and more honourable purposes. Just as silver is elevated to more noble purposes the purer it is, so we are elevated by God to greater, more significant spheres of influence, as our lives are purified and refined.

So our task is not to seek elevation or promotion, but rather to cooperate with the refining process, and should there be elevation or promotion, leave it in God’s hands just what that looks like.

Silver is refined through fire. Our lives are refined through fire, through tests and trials. Lets make sure that as we go through fire the dross is removed and we become more honourable, growing in godly character, fit for higher purposes.

Lets make sure we are beautified, so we can go to the silversmith for jewelry.

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