January 23 2017 – Deal with fear by our choice and His presence.

In Isaiah chapters 41, 43 & 44 God addresses one of the things that hurts us the most and is most pernicious in the human experience. In those 3 chapters He says four times ” Fear not” . He says it in chapter 41 verses 10,14, chapter 43 verse 1 and chapter 44 verse 2.

Few things paralyze us so often and rob us of so much as fear. So God addresses that fact, plain and simple “Fear not”. It’s a command, something He tells us to do, reminding us it is our choice to fear or not to fear. We must exercise that choice in the right direction, ” Fear not”.

One of our greatest fears is that we are alone in life and what we face. God also addresses that in this part of the Bible. In Isaiah 41 and 42 God says twice “I…will hold your…hand”. He says it in, in chapter 41 verse 13 and chapter 42 verse 6. In that statement He assures us we’re not alone, He is with us, and with us demonstrating His tender love for us and intimate presence by holding our hand.

So in Isaiah 41-44 God gives us a double remedy for fear. First He tells us not to fear, we must choose against it, and secondly He reminds us of His tender, intimate presence.

So we deal with fear by our choice and His presence.


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