January 2 2017 – True wisdom, a student not an authority.

Proverbs 1 verse 5 says:

A wise man will hear and increase learning,
And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel…

In other words true wisdom knows that it doesn’t know it all. Therefore wisdom is always looking to others to add to its wisdom and therefore always has a listening ear.

It postures itself humbly, having the attitude that however much it knows there is always more to know and those around it it can learn from, who can add to and enrich its wisdom. It maintains the attitude,“I can always learn more from others”. It postures itself primarily to receive wisdom not give it.

True wisdom relates to life in general and those around it as a pupil, not a teacher, as a student not an authority. It perpetually postures itself to learn, aware and knowing there is always more to learn, and seeking those around itself to learn from.

True wisdom is a student, not an authority.

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