December 29 2016 – Doing very imperfectly what he has done perfectly.

In Song of Solomon 6 verse 3, the woman in the romance says:

I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.

In our relationship with Christ….we could say the same thing…..|”I am Christ’s and He is mine.”

” I am Christ’s” expresses our surrender and yieldedness to Christ. It’s saying I am His property, His servant, His bond-slave, for Him to do with as He pleases.

If that was the whole truth, it could leave us very vulnerable, possibly to be taken advantage of, hurt, harmed in our passive position of surrender.

But the second clause of the sentence tells us who we are surrendering, yielding ourselves to. It says “my beloved is mine” . We are surrendering and yielding to one who has given Himself to us, for us, completely. One who has surrendered, yielded on our behalf. One who has given Himself to us so much so that He will stop at nothing for our benefit and well being. His death on the cross proves that.

Giving our selves to Christ, our beloved is easy and the only sensible option when we consider how He has given Himself to us, for us. When we consider the measures to which He has gone for our welfare and well being. He cares for us more than we care for ourselves.

In making ourselves His, we are only…..doing very imperfectly what He has done perfectly.

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