December 16 2016 – By night stand.

Psalm 134 verse 1 says:

Behold, bless the Lord,
All you servants of the Lord,
Who by night stand in the house of the Lord!

The word night in this verse, speaks to me of difficult times in our life, when we can’t see our way forward clearly, when naturally we are confused, not understanding what is going.

The temptation at times like that is to “lie down and die”! To give up and be defeated, overcome and overwhelmed by our circumstances and our lack of understanding them. This verse says “….by night stand”. I take that as an exhortation not to “lie down and die ” at such times, but to stand, to stay strong at such times. I think this verse tells us how to do that.

It speaks of blessing the Lord. During hard times in our life, at “night” we must focus on God and praise Him for what we do know and understand about Him, His love, faithfulness and goodness, however little we know and understand about what is going on in our life. We need to focus on what we do know, not what we don’t know.

Doing that will help us to stand at such times and not be defeated, “bowled over” by our circumstances and feelings. The more we bless the Lord at such times, the stronger we stand.

When life is hard, painful and confusing, bless the Lord….in doing that we will…..” by night stand”. 

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