December 15th 2016 – The more of God we have, the more we will get.

Psalm 133 spells out a universal principle. It begins by talking about how good it is when brethren (members of the same family, natural or spiritual) dwell together in unity (verse 1).

When we practice unity we reflect God. God is united within Himself. The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are perfectly united always working together in perfect harmony. Unity reflects God because it is what and who He is and what He values. The peace that exists between the members of the Trinity, He wants between brethren, between us as natural families and as a spiritual family.

The Psalm goes on to say when unity exists between us, God commands the blessing there (verse 3). God’s blessing represents God’s activity. So this psalm tells us that the more God sees of Himself in a situation, such as unity being put into practice, the more He manifests Himself, pours Himself into in the situation, such as by commanding the blessing.

The more we act like God, the more God shows up, gives Himself to a situation.

So the more we want God in a situation, the more we must align ourselves with Him, be like Him, have Him and …..the more of God we have, the more we will get.

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