December 13th 2016 – Like a weaned child.

Psalm 131 paints a picture of trust in God, drawing from the an analogy of a child that is weaned (verse 2)

What is the difference between a child that is weaned and one that isn’t ?

An unweaned child wants instant gratification when it is hungry, it can’t wait, it demands immediate attention. A weaned child however has developed some self-control and can wait till its next meal time.

God is looking for trust in us that can wait, that does not require an immediate explanation when we don’t understand what is happening in life and life doesn’t seem or feel right.

At times like that God calls us to exercise spiritual self-control and trust Him, not demand an immediate explanation, an act rooted in fear, doubt or unbelief.

As verse 2 of the psalm says, lets calm and quiet our soul….like a weaned child.


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