December 8 2016 – Sow in tears and we will reap in joy.

The psalmist says in Psalm 126:5:

Those who sow in tears
Shall reap in joy.

What does is it mean to sow in tears ?

If seed is sown it will sprout and grow however the person felt who sowed it. Whether they felt optimistic and positive or pessimistic and doubtful, as long as it is sown it will grow, and bear fruit, because it’s growth depends on something entirely unrelated to how the sower felt. It depends on God ordained principles bound up in the seed and the earth it is sown in, that are unchanging. It has nothing to do with the “state” or feelings of the one who sowed it.

In the same token as long as we sow seed spiritually, as long as we obey and walk out God’s principles, making good choices and right decisions, even when we sow in tears i.e it’s hard and there are few feelings involved, in time we will reap in joy, we will reap the blessings, the benefits. This is the case because the fruit of our actions are unrelated to how we feel and is governed by God ordained principles that are unchanging.

Even when obedience to God feels lifeless, hard and there are few feelings, lets sow in tears and we will reap in joy.

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