November 24 2016 – Fear is a choice with a triple choice antidote.

In Psalm 112 verses 7-8 the writer says speaking of the righteous:

He will not be afraid of evil tidings;
His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.
His heart is established;
He will not be afraid,
Until he sees his desire upon his enemies.

In these verses the phrase ” He will not be afraid” is repeated. We all want to “not be afraid”, live without fear and I think we are told how we can do that in 3 phrases that come in between the two places where it says ” He will not be afraid”.

In between the two phrases, these three phrases appear ” His heart is steadfast….trusting in the Lord…..His heart is established”

Those three phrases communicate a very intentional, pro-active position that the righteous man adopts, causing him to not be afraid. Three choices he makes. They remind us of something very empowering about fear. That fear is a choice and therefore is something we can chose against. We are not powerless against fear, quite the opposite, we can chose against it, chose the opposite of fear and the three phrases mentioned are three choices we can make against fear.

We can chose, a steadfast heart, steadfast in the many promises of God and truths about Him that banish fear. We can chose to trust in the Lord and all His reassurances to us, which chases away fear. And we can chose to establish our hearts, ground them, anchor them in the truth of God’s care and love for us, eliminating fear.

Remember fear is a choice….that we avoid by making three other choices…..a heart that is steadfast, to trust the Lord and a heart that is established.

Fear is a choice with a triple choice antidote.

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