November 23 2016 – a truth we must not turn around.

In Job 18:5-9 Bildad, one of Job’s comforters describes in metaphorical and literal terms the misfortune of the wicked. He says

“The light of the wicked indeed goes out,
And the flame of his fire does not shine.
The light is dark in his tent,
And his lamp beside him is put out.
The steps of his strength are shortened,
And his own counsel casts him down.
For he is cast into a net by his own feet,
And he walks into a snare.
The net takes him by the heel,
And a snare lays hold of him.

In much of this chapter Bildad describes the misfortunes of the wicked, the bad things that happen to those who make ungodly choices. He told Job these things as an explanation of his misfortune. He turned the truth around, the logic being if sin leads to bad things happening in a person’s life, the bad things happening in Job’s life must have been the result of sin.

We know that at least to some degree, Job’s comforters were wrong because as we have seen they were reprimanded by God at the end of the book.

We must be careful we don’t make the mistake Bildad made. The truth that sin can lead to misfortune is one we must not turn around as he did, to then conclude that everyone experiencing misfortune has sinned.

An addict’s behaviour can lead to poverty and loneliness, but we must not turn that truth around, to then believe all poor and lonely people are addicts.

It is true, sin can lead to misfortune, and on some level always does….but it’s a truth we must not turn around.

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