November 17 2016 – Few in number and strangers yet possesssors of the land.

Psalm 105 verses 9-12 say:

9 The covenant which He made with Abraham,
And His oath to Isaac,
10 And confirmed it to Jacob for a statute,
To Israel as an everlasting covenant,
11 Saying, “To you I will give the land of Canaan
As the allotment of your inheritance,”
12 When they were few in number,
Indeed very few, and strangers in it.

The psalmist points out that God’s covenant to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to give them the land of Canaan, was given to them when they were few in number, very few and strangers in the land.

How were they to get the land ? Verse 12 highlights the unlikely hood that what God had said would happen. Very few people who were strangers, foreigners in the land hardly sounds like a force to be reckoned with to take and possess what was a sizeable piece of land.

But that is typical of how God works, choosing the weak to possess the land thus leaving no doubt as to how they got it. It was going to have to be God who possessed the land for them because naturally there was no way they could possess it.

This illustrates a principle that one sees through out scripture, that God chooses and uses the weak for his ends and purposes.

Paul expressed this principle playing out in his life, when he said…..” when I am weak, then I am strong” ( 2 Cor 12:10)

Like Paul, despite our weakness God will bless us and use us.

We are…few in number and strangers….yet….possessors of the land.

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