November 15 2016 – lets not be too quick to judge.

In Job 4 verses 7-9  Eliphaz one of Job’s friends points out to Job that trouble comes on a person’s life because of their lack of innocence, the iniquity they have ploughed and trouble they have sown and that trouble in a person’s life represents God’s anger against their sin.

He insinuated to Job that he must have sinned as explanation for the hardship that had come into his life. Yet we’re told shortly before this of Job’s innocence (Ch 2:10) and at the end of the book of Job, Job is held up as more virtuous than his friends and God reprimands them for failing to speak what is right and truthful about God (Job Ch:42 v 7 & 8). God was obviously not pleased with at least some of what Job’s friends said to him, and Eliphaz’s advice in verses 7-9 of chapter 4, insinuating Job had sinned, maybe such an example.

I find I can quickly slip into thinking like Eliphaz. When misfortune or bad things happen in some one’s life, I can be too quick to conclude or think to myself that it is related in some way to them sinning and bad choices they have made. I can so easily, quickly be judgmental. The fact trouble can be brought into our life by sin and bad choices makes it all the easier to do.

Lets be careful what we say or think when hardship, misfortune affects others. Lets be careful God will not have to reprimand us as He did Eliphaz at the end of the book.

Lets not make the mistake Eliphaz was possibly making in the verses we’ve considered….lets not be too quick to judge.

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